First Post

Hello Hello Hello!!

My name is Heather. Nice to meet ya!

I’m starting this blog to document my life as a stay at home wife and mom. I am hoping to be able to find recipes online, make them and review them. I am also looking for unique ideas for things like organizing the home because gawd help me…I need all the help in that department that I can get! I am also huge into crafts. Every time I say that I hear Beastie Boys “She’s crafty” in the back of my head.

I’m also a part time student at Metropolitan State University. I am about 5 classes away from gaining my bachelor degree in Psychology. Additionally, I am minoring in Criminal Justice in hopes of working as a profiler (dream job) but I will most likely end up working in the prison setting or as an advocate in the mental health courts.

Now that I’ve spouted off all about me…here is a list of usual characters in my life.

My Husband and love of my life, Vinh.

Isn't he cute?

Son #1, Luka.

So handsome!

Son #2, Harrison.


I named this blog “The mindful Wife” because having a pretty bad case of ADD (No, it’s true. I’ve been diagnosed) I struggle to be mindful. This is also something I am working tirelessly to teach son #1.

Hope you follow me through the days of my life.