Breakfast Shmeakfast

As you can probably tell I’m not a super huge fan of the most important meal of the day. It’s been a life long struggle really. I can remember when I as a wee lass having the following conversation:

Mom: Heather, come eat your breakfast

Me: What are we having?

Mom: Oatmeal

Me: Nooo!!! I dun wanna!!!

Mom: Get over here now and eat!

This usually ended in my defeat. I would sit there, take a few bites and then spoon the rest around. This wasn’t with just oatmeal either. Didn’t matter if it was cream of wheat or eggs and toast. For some odd reason I’ve just never been a super huge fan of breakfast.

As I got older and was allowed to decide for myself I chose not to eat breakfast. When I got to High school I would buy three Otis Spunkmeyer cookies and eat those with a carton of milk for breakfast. Hey! Don’t judge! At least I was eating and was drinking milk. Ok?

That changed when I got pregnant with son #1. I knew that I had to eat for my own sake knowing that the child within was sucking all my nutrition out of me. Let me tell you, trying to force yourself to eat when you don’t want to on top of having morning sickness is no fun. No fun at all I tell you!

After son #1 was born I went back to not eating breakfast. Years later I started eating breakfast cereal and then quickly became a fan of hot breakfasts. Eggs, hashbrowns and bacon or bacon and waffles, hasbrown bacon bakes…pretty much anything with ham or bacon. This time when I got pregnant with son #2 eating breakfast wasn’t so hard after the first trimester. For the first trimester I made protein shakes.

Yesterday I went into my kitchen intent on making my usual craisin pecan oatmeal but decided to experiment a little bit. I heated up my oatmeal and threw in a handful of chocolate chips, pecans and a tiny splash of vanilla extract.

Voila! Pecan chocolate chip cookie oatmeal.

Try it!




Who doesn’t love bacon? I mean aside from vegans, who I have it on good authority that even they like bacon so much that they make their own version out of tofu. Sounds gaross in my opinion but hey to each their own, right? I can’t imagine a life not eating bacon.

My son Luka has a saying “Bacon makes everything better.” and he’s right.He loves bacon so much he’s even experimented with making his own dish. Something he calls bacon explosion. I didn’t get to try this as I was out of town but I can tell you that washing the dishes was no joke and I think the dish should be called dishes explosion instead!

I digress….

There isn’t one instance where something wasn’t improved by the addition of bacon. I mean really…how could chocolate get any better? BAM! Add bacon and you have a salty sweet treat that is beyond tastetastic!!

So when I was cruising the information super highway and stumbled upon this recipe for Bacon-Cheese-Pull-Aparts from Pillsbury I KNEW this was a recipe I just had to make on a cool Saturday morning.

Holy Yum Batman!

It was actually a fluke. I saw this recipe and by some grace of the higher power I happened to have all the ingredients.

For this recipe it says you need precooked bacon but c’mon! Really!? If you are going to do anything bacon do it right and cook it yourself. This way you can buy thick cut, smoked or maple bacon and add your own texture or flavor to it. I opted to cook my bacon in the oven. So easy! No grease splatters all over the stove and no grease burns (yes again with the burns…I told you I was clumsy!).

I read some of the tips on the site and some people added more eggs, more milk, green peppers and onions and differing spices. So this is an easy dish you can really make your own by adding things to your liking. I just went with the original recipe to begin with as I always do just to see if he fam would like it.


I will make this again. I will probably add more bacon and more eggs and a little more milk. I might even try this with ham. *gasp* I know I know…but ham is kind of another form of bacon, right?