Red Velvet Cake Balls Follies

A couple of years ago right around Christmas time my dear friend Cindy created the event of all events. Cookiepalooza. It was an event I very much looked forward to every year. Our fearless leader had just left and our interim replacement participated by making these cake balls. Unfortunately I missed them the first year but was intrigued by my coworkers reviews of them. Cindy said something along the lines of  “Oh man she had these balls covered in chocolate and I don’t know what was in them but dang they were good! I was going to save you one but T took the last one.” Dang it! The next year I was able to have one and ZOH MY GAWD!! I was in LOVE. Come to find out these were Oreo Truffles. I still haven’t made those yet. Maybe next year for my husbands cookie exchange at work.

Speaking of which…my husband asked me to bake something for him to participate in the cookie exchange at his work this past Christmas. Normally he doesn’t participate in things like this but he had just accepted a new position in a new building and didn’t know many people. A month earlier I had been at a bridal shower where they served Red Velvet Cake Balls. HOLY MOLY! If I hadn’t been 7 months pregnant and trying to avoid gestational diabetes I would have used the excuse of being pregnant and ate the whole tray!!! When he asked me to bake something for him I KNEW this is what I had to make.

I found the recipe on Gonna want seconds blog Here.

Reading the directions it seems pretty straight forward, right? Well, either I am mentally challenged or just plain simple but I had SO many difficulties making these. Everything went well in making these until it came to the shell that surrounds the outside.

Mistake #1: Melting the chocolate.

I didn’t particularly care for the method they describe in the recipe. On the package it says to melt in the microwave a few chunks at a time. Well…I have ceramic dishes and those suckers get HOT and have a tendency to burn the fingers while gripping. So…I broke out the fondue pot. My train of thought was “That is what fondue pots are made to do…right?”

First of all I turned it on and the chocolate bark was not melting on level 5. Hm…that’s odd. So I turned it up to 8. Still not melting well enough so I checked the cords and Voila! As a result I ended up burning the chocolate very quickly. I also burned my finger! Doh!

I ended up going to the store to pick up more bark. After that I melted it in my ceramic bowl in the microwave like the instructions indicated on the package. And I used my oven mitts (or rather my husband did to help me avoid burning more digits. Yeah, I’m clumsy like that).

Mistake #2: Chilling the filling

The instructions CLEARLY state that you form the filling into balls and freeze until the outside is frozen. One you thing you will learn about me and one thing I am desperately trying to change is the fact that I am not a very patient person. I did not let the balls cool enough.

So while I am in the process of trying to roll the balls in the melted chocolate bark they are falling apart. Nothing looks more shitey than having little bits of red velvet cake in the chocolate. So I put them in the freezer and called it a night only to resume the next evening. I couldn’t figure out how to get the coating smooth though and that was frustrating to me.

After I got all that figured out they turned out pretty good. My husbands only complaint was that the chocolate coating was a bit thick on some of them. My response was “I’m pregnant, tired, it’s the end of the semester…consider yourself lucky I’m doing this at all!” I can look back on it and laugh now but I was irritated about it then.

The good news was that all his co workers raved about them which made me happy.

After all is said and done I am not sure I’m going to be making these little sweeties again. Oh hell..I might try them again now that I am no longer pregnant and no longer working. I am, however, still going to school so maybe I’ll try around christmas time again after the semester is over.


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